Bide with me a while, pilgrim.

"Elvis is everywhere  Elvis is everything. Elvis is everybody. Elvis is still the King."

Mojo Nixon

...Reininger says his first inkling of Elvis' supernatural charisma came at the ("Love Me") tender age of 5, when his mother took him to see Jailhouse Rock. "I had to be dragged out of there afterward," says the ambassador, "I didn't understand it was a film. I thought Elvis was behind the screen and I wanted to go back there and meet him." The Elvisian ambassador to Greece
From a 1999 article for Fox News by my friend, Chris Silvey Elvisian Ambassador Blaine Reininger: His Elvis painting seems to be glowing with a holy light

August 16, 2016 was the 39th anniversary of Elvis' death.

A series of Elvis Videos

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  1. The announcement of his death by David Brinkley
  2. Footage of his funeral, apparently accompanied by his own voice
  3. A brief walk-on by Elvis' ghost
  4. Jon Cotner, the man many people believe is Elvis, living incognito.
  5. "Elvis found alive" trailer for a new film.
  6. "The 24-hour Church of Elvis" coin-operated, E-worship.
  7. "Viva Las Vegas" bongo fury from the film.



Graceland live cam

The Burger and The King

BBC Documentary on the King's Diet

And finally

Y Tambien.....


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