the luteplayerMy famous ancestor, Gouille D'Eaux, rendered by Caravaggio, channeled by H. Crapaud, wherein he doth pluck forth dulcet melodyes from Ye Lute.

"If music be the food of love,
then toss thou another banjo upon yon barbeque."
Earl Scruggs

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The patriarch
Hans Georg Reininger, The first Reininger to come to the new world. He left Bavaria in 1749, via Brussels and set up housekeeping in Pennsylvania. This is true, my friends.

Georg W. Reininger, first president of the Colorado republic. Served a 5 minute term before being executed for poor fashion sense.


Heinz Georg Reininger, Frontier serial killer known as "The Spike"

St. Blaeghn de Zwijndrekt
Patron saint of novelty keychains

image Allesandro Cardellini

The bodhisattva of funk.

image Harpeau Crapaud
Blaineakos Buzzopoulos

Inventor of Nescafe.

The progenitor of all Reiningers, Leporinum Reiningerum