Here are some photos, mostly of the early days of tuxedomoon. Many were gathered by Isabelle C. for her book. If your photo is uncredited, contact me and I will fix it.

bologna wall

wall in Bologna, 1980
photo Natale Nitti

steven-blaine-1977.jpg (39841 bytes)

Steven & Blaine in painfully early days. One of the first promo stills of Tuxedomoon, circa October 1977, San Francisco.

photo by either Leslie Ward or the late Mark Pratt



tuxedomoon van hoorick
As photographed by Charles van Hoorick, 1982
winston blaine pieta
The sorrow and the pity. (c. van hoorick)
the young and the restless

the young and the restless. 1979. with the usual dopes is guitarist Michael Belfer

younger than springtime
Blaine, Michael Belfer, Steven in the Nevada desert, 1978. Photo Bobbi Pauline
bruce parc solvay

Bruce, Parc Solvay
plan k
Winston at Le Plan K, Brussels
BLR conducts ghost sonata, 1982

Blaine conducts the Ghost Sonata Orchestra, 1982
bruce geduldig

Bruce Geduldig
Blaine and Steven. Place de la
Monnaie, Brussels,
jj steven in drag

JJ and Steven in drag, 1984



Probably at 217 Bowery

photo Sue Brisk

victoria lowe

Steven, Victoria Lowe, Winston 1978

 stpjr-market-st.jpg (124980 bytes)

Steven and Patrick Roques at the Tuxedomoon House, 3645 Market St, San Francisco.1989


madame wong

Madame Wong's 1979 (the venue where the owner told us to "beware of The Tong" because of Esmerelda Kent's song lyrics for "Caucasian Guilt")

blr sb photo booth, Italy 1982

Blaine and Steven, Italian photobooth, 1982

  jinx video

From the "Jinx" video by Graeme Whifler

mabuhay gardens

Live at the Mabuhay Gardens, 1978

Italia 1982

tong rock in loft
winston in paris 1981
photo vic vinson

paul zahl

Paul Zahl on the Re-union tour, 1988


 tuxedomoon russian tour 1989

Line-up for a cancelled Russian tour, Steven, Peter, Luc, Ivan Georgiev, Blaine

blaine michael

With Michael Belfer in France, 1984

 tmoon_parisTriTone.jpg (59960 bytes)

Paris 1981. Rock in Loft.  Photo by Vic Vinson.


young tuxedomoon photo booth

tuxedomoon comix

Tuxedomoon comix, by a Japanese fan.

early photo

Early photo, 1978 S.F.photo Dennis Flint

peter live

Peter P. Live

BlaineAlcoholDéjàpub-Ghost sonata-slide col-SL.jpg (94347 bytes)

Blaine in the Ghost Sonata video. Fixing to drink hisself ta DEATH! 1981

it's a jinx
BLR in the Jinx video, 1980 photo Graeme Whifler

Winston Tong
Paul Zahl in 1988

posters from the glory days. seen up for auction on e-bay

devo poster


coal miner's benefit
Coal miner's benefit, Mabuhay Gardens 1978
tokyo posterPoster from Tokyo, 1988
tux.jpg (42405 bytes)

half mute, the t-shirt 

walk on the moon

A truly seminal poster for us. The photo was from National Geographic. Our late friend Les Ward copied the floating man onto cardboard cutouts with an airbrush and we hung them onstage for many of our first shows.