actor's life   Hi diddle dee actor's life for me.

Somehow, here in the final half of my time on this planet, I have been granted a sort of a second, or parallel career, that of thespian, trodder of the I didn't seek it out, it sort of settled upon me, like a mantle, or a fine cloud of volcanic ash.

I have been grateful for the work this acting lark has bestowed upon me and the amusing companions I have met. These outings among the loveys have even brought me love and passion to an extent I would not have believed possible.

These activities have largely been missed by those more familiar with my work in music until now.

Here is a list of the performances I have been privileged to perform in, and a gallery of photos and video.


1992 “Dogs Licking My Heart”, court metrage, Lead Role, directed by Nicholas Triandafyllidis
1994 “Radio Moscow”, longue metrage, “the musician”, directed by Nicholas Triandafyllidis
1996 “The Overcoat”, telefilm, “santa claus”, directed by Nicholas Triandafyllidis
1999 “Black Milk”, longue metrage, “the magician”, directed by Nicholas Triandafyllidis

2014 "The Sentimentalists" longue metrage, "the troika member", directed by Nicholas Triandafyllidis

2014 "Elephantas", courte metrage, "tourist", directed by Vagelis Zouglos 

THEATRE. 1999-2015

1999-2000 “Agamemnon”, part of Agamemnon, Diplos Eros Theatre company, Athens Greece, directed by Mikhail Marmarinos
2000-2003 “Isaia L’Irreducibile”, part “the violinist”, Compagnia Katzenmacher, San Casciano, Italy, director Alfonso Santagata
2001 “Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod”, part “Henry Fonda“, Volksbuehne Theatre, Berlin, Germany, director Albrecht Hirche.
2003 “Die 10 Besten Rocksongs in der Weltgeschichte“, part “the DJ“ soundtrack, produced by Schauspiel Koln, Cologne, Germany, director Albrecht Hirche.
2003 “Death of Danton“,“the foreigner“, soundtrack, Theatro Amore, Athens, Greece, director Albrecht Hirche
2006 “Elektra” “the musician”, originial soundtrack, Athens Festival, Athens, Greece, director Angela Brusko.
2007 “Rain”, “Matthias” Athens Festival, Akilas Karazisis
2008 “Nykta tou Mystikon” “Miss Colorado” Greek National Theatre, Elli Papakonstantinou
2009 “Baxkes” “Old Dionysos”, Theatro Poreia, Renate Jett
2010  "Lithi", Theatro Poreia, director Dimitris Tarlow, composed music

2010 " New Electric Ballroom" , Theatro Xora, director Dimitris Karantzis, composed music  

2010 "Danton's Death", STEGI, Onnasis Cultural Center, director Stathis Livathinos, composed music. (Nominated for award for best music of the year by Athinorama)

2011 "Double Take", Athens Festival, choreographed by Yiota Kalimani, composed and performed music. 2011 "American Buffalo", Theatro Poreia, director Dimitris Tarlow, composed music.

2012  "Antigone" Sophocles, Athens Epidaurus Festival, director Dimitris Bitos, composed and performed music.

2012-14 "Clear Tears", choreographed by Thierry Smits, composed and performed music together with Steven Brown and Maxime Bodson

2015 "Angels", video performance, Theatre du Grutli, Geneva, directed and conceived by Cosima Weiter and Alexandre Simon, composed and performed music.

2016 "Picnic With The Devil" based on "The Master and Margarita" by Bulgakov, 
Greek National Theatre, Directed by Maria Panourgia. Played Woland, composed and performed original music.

2017 "Caligula" "by Albert Camus, directed by Aliki Danezi-Knutsen for the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus. Composed and performed original music.

2018 "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" by Edward Albee for STEGI, The Onassis Cultural Centre. Directed by Maria Panourgia. Composed and performed original music.


Performance Videos (mostly from Albrecht Hirche)


photo gallery