no one remembers lucas samaras

Blaine's photos of Blaine

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A song of myself.

I have been travelling all around the world taking auto-exposure photos of myself. blaine in denver, april 1999

Postcards and other Image tomfoolery. Yet more photos. Damn the man who sold me that digital camera.

street scene montage, mytilini lesbos 2001



I am not exactly certain why. as with my journal, I seem to think I am recording something for posterity, perhaps attempting to verify my existence empirically. Perhaps I am a narcissist. Perhaps none of the above. Self-portraits are as old as selves. That's reason enough.


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crude videos

I have made some videos as well

little snippets from places I have found myself. Click and see.





Jan22536.JPG (84431 bytes)

on lesbos. jan 2002


athenaportrait.jpg (92677 bytes)

athena's loving portrait of blr 2000

summer_man.jpg (25255 bytes)

summer man. Lesbos aug. 2002


summer_man2.jpg (59287 bytes)

man and bike. aug 2002

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self-portrait 2000


Jul28_91.JPG (106569 bytes)


blrfrankfurt.jpg (20155 bytes)

frankfurt airport 1999

calimari-days.jpg (19037 bytes)

Shortly before getting food poisoning from calamari. Lesbos 2002

blrmytilini1.jpg (24346 bytes)

in mytilini dec. 2001

dec10172.jpg (42733 bytes)

italy dec. 2001



train-i-ride.jpg (29849 bytes)

train I ride


Switzerland, September 2000

hey-sailor.jpg (66517 bytes)

hey, sailor (boat to greece dec. 2001)

eaglemoon.jpg (85884 bytes)

Eagle moon.

day trip to bologna 12/01



blr alf.jpg (17767 bytes)





blaine and alfonso near pisa. Nov.2001

mytilini, july 2002

ear candling, mytilini 2002

a diamond dog

arrival at athens airport, august 2002



no one remembers lucas samaras

1976 "Photo Transformation


"Submerged in narcissism, nothing remains . . . but "me and myself, I am my own audience, the other, contemplating my existence."

In the 70's Greek-born american artist Lucas Samaras took hundreds of SX-70 photos of himself, seeking by means of narcissism to come to the core of his being. I took this notion on board in a big way. Now, no one seems to remember who he is/was. Not many people probably remember what an SX-70 is...was...