Mundoblaineo History
Mundoblaineo world headquarters, nov. 2011
On December 5, 1999 Mundoblaineo was first set upon an unsuspecting (and largely uncaring) world. When I visited the United States in 1999, for the first time in 17 years, my friend, Bob Pusatory gifted me with my first internet capable computer, his old Compaq Presario equipped with a Pentium 486 processor (33 Mhz!)! Using this worthy beast and a dial-up connection from EEXI (The Greek Association of Internet Users), I downloaded a tutorial from Netscape which taught one how to write a webpage from HTML showing a picture of a cat. Laboring many sleepless hours over the divine and maddening puzzles posed by website design, I expanded this page until it became the sprawling megalopolis I called "Mundoblaineo".

I have kept this throbbing node of code these many years, updating and refining with an obsessive dedication that I show for no other discipline. I am unsure why. I have spent nights chained to a dial-up connection in the hotel rooms of Tuscany, the teenage lofts of Berlin, the suburban bedrooms of Athens, and the wi-fi zones of Belgium, tinkering and tweaking and poking this thing until my eyes are burning grapes hanging out on their stalks. It is also unclear how many people actually visit this monument to my narcissism, this smear of chicken fat flung up against the firmament as a feeble hedge against the inevitable dissolution of my selfhood, the earthen embrace of Xaros, Magere Hein, The Grim etc....

And upon Kurzweil's "singularity", will I have the means, the will, the presence of mind, to dispatch netwards an encoded simulacrum of my fabulousness, a Blainebot, a digital Golem who will fulfill the world's need for my presence? I pretty much doubt it.

Today, I slap another coat of paint on the old wreck and kick it back out the door. I hope somebody sees.

November 20, 2011
Athens, Greece

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