Random Photos from the Thousands


ever since I bought that digital camera my eyes don't work no more.


Why? Why do I do it?  Why do I labor on through the day at my computer until my eyes are hanging out like radishes on stalks?  What is this compulsion to distill my experience, encode it and put it out on the web FOR ALL TO SEE?
It must certainly be the chill breath of the Grim Reaper on my neck. Is it important that others see each moment I experience exactly as I saw it in the moment that it was seen?
I suppose this is the artist's quandry. When he stops to question why it isn't very long before he just...stops.

That said, I submit to you these  photo galleries.
Here are a great many images which are poignant as hell to me but may leave you cold. We shall see.

Everything and Everybody all the photos of everyone, and many many selfies.
facebook blr
Tuxedomoon Tour, 2008tour 2008 tuxedomoon
Tuxedomoon.co, photos from our official site
2011, Time Marches On

tuxedomoon summer tour 2011tuxedomoon summer tour 2011
2012 As It Was
mozart and his tapir, bob
2012-14 Awesome Adventures in Europe
In Bruges

General Imagery

scenes from my life 2005-2008


 Our triumphant return to San Francisco, 2005
Narcissus Reininger Self-portraits narcissus reininger
. 50 Photos of Maria Panourgia

james blaine reininger Reininger Family Photos

2010, The Year In Picturesian and dad 3d
Pictures from the USA, 2008

my son, ian JJ La Rue Galleryjj
Tuxedomoon Roman Empire Tour  2004

Tuxedomoon 2003, Cabin in the sky


My return in 2003, after vowing never to return
Fan Art some of the things
sent to me over the last few years

self-portraits 2000-2003




USA ( Colorado 2003)